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TransmissionCVT, Manual
Hardware Code04692101AD, 04692101AE, 05150471AA & 05150523AA
Keys AvailableNo

Introducing the Engine Computer, also known as the Engine Control Module (ECM), Engine Control Unit (ECU), and Powertrain Control Module (PCM). This is a dependable replacement option tailored to all 2007 Dodge Caliber PCM models. The following part numbers align seamlessly with this unit:

04692101AD, 04692101AE, 04692101AF, 05033359AC, 05033359AD, 05033359AE, 05033359AF, 05033359AG, 05033359AH, 05033359AI, 05033359AJ, 05033362AC, 05033362AD, 05033362AE, 05033362AF, 05033362AG, 05033362AH, 05033362AI, 05033362AJ, 05033372AC, 05033372AD, 05033372AE, 05033372AF, 05033372AG, 05033372AH, 05033372AI, 05033372AJ, 05094942AC, 05094942AD, 05094942AE, 05094942AF, 05094942AG, 05094942AI, 05094943AC, 05094943AD, 05094943AE, 05094943AF, 05094943AG, 05094943AI, 05094944AC, 05094944AD, 05094944AE, 05094944AF, 05094944AG, 05094944AI, 05094945AC, 05094945AD, 05094945AE, 05094945AF, 05094945AG, 05094945AI, 05094946AC, 05094946AD, 05094946AE, 05094946AF, 05094946AG, 05094946AH, 05094946AI, 05094946AJ, 05094947AC, 05094947AD, 05094947AE, 05094947AF, 05094947AG, 05094947AH, 05094947AI, 05094947AJ, 05094948AC, 05094948AD, 05094948AE, 05094948AF, 05094948AG, 05094948AI, 05094949AC, 05094949AD, 05094949AE, 05094949AF, 05094949AG, 05094949AH, 05094949AI, 05094949AJ, 05094950AC, 05094950AD, 05094950AE, 05094950AF, 05094950AG, 05094950AI, 05094951AC, 05094951AD, 05094951AE, 05094951AF, 05094951AG, 05094951AI, 05094952AC, 05094952AD, 05094952AE, 05094952AF, 05094952AG, 05094952AH, 05094952AI, 05094952AJ, 05150471AA, 05150523AA, 58033359AC, 58033362AC, 58094942AC, 58094943AC, 58094944AC, 58094945AC, 58094947AC, 68000100AB, 68000100AC, 68000100AD, 68000100AE, 68000100AF, 68000100AG, 68000100AH, 68000100AI, 68000100AJ, 68000100AK, 68000103AB, 68000103AC, 68000103AD, 68000103AE, 68000103AF, 68000103AG, 68000103AH, 68000103AI, 68000103AJ, 68000103AK, 68000104AB, 68000104AC, 68000104AD, 68000104AE, 68000104AF, 68000104AG, 68000104AH, 68000104AI, 68000104AJ, 68000104AK, 68000104AL, 68000105AB, 68000105AC, 68000105AD, 68000105AE, 68000105AF, 68000105AG, 68000105AH, 68000105AI, 68000105AJ, 68000105AL, 68000106AB, 68000106AC, 68000106AD, 68000106AE, 68000106AF, 68000106AG, 68000106AH, 68000106AI, 68000106AJ, 68000107AB, 68000107AC, 68000107AD, 68000107AE, 68000107AF, 68000107AG, 68000107AH, 68000107AI, 68000107AJ, 68000107AK, 68000108AB, 68000108AC, 68000108AD, 68000108AE, 68000108AF, 68000108AG, 68000108AH, 68000108AI, 68000108AJ, 68000110AB, 68000110AC, 68000110AD, 68000110AE, 68000110AF, 68000110AG, 68000110AH, 68000110AI, 68000110AJ, 68000110AK, 68000111AB, 68000111AC, 68000111AD, 68000111AE, 68000112AB, 68000112AC, 68000112AD, 68000112AF, 68000113AB, 68000113AC, 68000113AD, 68000113AE, 68000113AF, 68000113AG, 68000113AH, 68000113AI, 68000113AJ, 68000119AB, 68000119AC, 68000119AD, 68000119AE, 68000119AF, 68000119AG, 68000119AH, 68000119AI, 68000119AJ, 68000120AB, 68000120AC, 68000120AD, 68000120AE, 68000120AF, 68000120AG, 68000120AH, 68000120AI, 68000120AJ, 68000120AK, 68000121AB, 68000121AC, 68000121AD, 68000121AE, 68000122AB, 68000122AC, 68000122AD, 68000122AE, 68000122AF, 68000124AB, 68000124AC, 68000124AD, 68000124AE, 68000124AF, 68000124AG, 68000124AH, 68000124AI, 68000124AJ, 68000125AB, 68000125AC, 68000125AD, 68000125AE, 68000125AF, 68000125AG, 68000125AH, 68000125AI, 68000125AJ, 68000125AK, 68000126AB, 68000126AC, 68000126AD, 68000126AE, 68000126AF, 68000126AG, 68000126AH, 68000126AI, 68000126AJ, 68000126AK, 68000127AB, 68000127AC, 68000127AD, 68000127AE, 68000127AF, 68000127AG, 68000127AH, 68000127AI, 68000127AJ, 68000127AK, 68000127AL, 68000128AB, 68000128AC, 68000128AD, 68000128AE, 68000128AF, 68000128AG, 68000128AH, 68000128AI, 68000128AJ, 68000129AB, 68000129AC, 68000129AD, 68000129AE, 68000129AF, 68000129AG, 68000129AH, 68000129AI, 68000129AJ, 68000129AK, 68000130AB, 68000130AC, 68000130AD, 68000130AE, 68000130AF, 68000130AG, 68000130AH, 68000130AI, 68000130AJ, 68000131AB, 68000131AC, 68000131AD, 68000131AE, 68000131AF, 68000131AG, 68000131AH, 68000131AI, 68000131AJ, 68000132AB, 68000132AC, 68000132AD, 68000132AE, 68000132AF, 68000132AG, 68000132AH, 68000132AI, 68000132AJ, 68000132AK, 68000133AB, 68000133AC, 68000133AD, 68000133AE, 68000133AF, 68000133AG, 68000133AH, 68000133AI, 68000134AB, 68000134AC, 68000134AD, 68000134AE, 68000134AF, 68000134AG, 68000134AH, 68000134AI, 68000134AJ, 68000135AB, 68000135AC, 68000135AD, 68000135AE, 68000135AF, 68000135AG, 68000135AH, 68000135AI, 68000135AJ, 68000135AK, 68000135AL, 68000136AB, 68000136AC, 68000136AD, 68000136AE, 68000136AF, 68000136AG, 68000136AH, 68000136AI, 68000136AJ, 68000136AK, 68000137AB, 68000137AC, 68000137AD, 68000137AE, 68000137AF, 68000137AG, 68000137AH, 68000137AI, 68000137AJ, 68000137AK, 68000138AB, 68000138AC, 68000138AD, 68000138AE, 68000138AF, 68000138AG, 68000138AH, 68000138AI, 68000138AJ, 68000139AB, 68000139AC, 68000139AD, 68000139AE, 68000139AF, 68000139AG, 68000139AH, 68000139AI, 68000139AJ, 68000139AK, 68000140AB, 68000140AC, 68000140AD, 68000140AE, 68000140AF, 68000140AG, 68000140AH, 68000140AI, 68000140AJ, 68000141AB, 68000141AC, 68000141AD, 68000141AE, 68000141AF, 68000141AG, 68000141AH, 68000141AI, 68000141AJ, 68000141AK, 68000142AB, 68000142AC, 68000142AD, 68000142AE, 68000142AF, 68000142AG, 68000142AH, 68000142AI, 68000142AJ, 68000143AB, 68000143AC, 68000143AD, 68000143AE, 68000143AF, 68000143AG, 68000143AH, 68000143AI, 68000143AJ, 68000143AK, 68001101AB, 68001101AC, 68001101AD, 68001101AE, 68001101AF, 68001101AG, 68001101AH, 68001101AI, 68001101AJ, 68001101AK, 68001101AL, 68001102AB, 68001102AC, 68001102AD, 68001102AE, 68001102AF, 68001102AG, 68001102AH, 68001102AI, 68001102AJ, 68001102AK, 68001115AB, 68001115AC, 68001115AD, 68001115AE, 68001115AF, 68001115AG, 68001115AH, 68001115AI, 68001115AJ, 68001115AK, 68001117AB, 68001117AC, 68001117AD, 68001117AE, 68001117AF, 68001117AG, 68001117AH, 68001117AI, 68001117AJ, 68001118AB, 68001118AC, 68001118AD, 68001118AE, 68001118AF, 68001118AG, 68001118AH, 68001118AI, 68001118AJ, 68001118AK, 68020144AA, 68020144AB, 68020144AC, 68020144AD, 68020144AE, 68020144AF, 68020144AG, 68020144AH, 68020144AI, 68020145AA, 68020145AB, 68020145AC, 68020145AD, 68020145AE, 68020145AF, 68020145AG, 68020145AH, 68026146AA, 68026146AB, 68026146AC, 68026146AD, 68026146AE, 68026146AF, 68026147AA, 68026147AB, 68026147AC, 68026147AD, 68026147AE, 68026147AF, 68027188AA, 68027188AB, 68027188AC, 68027188AD, 68027188AE, 68027188AF, 68027189AA, 68027189AB, 68027189AC, 68027189AD, 68027189AE, 68027189AF, 68027190AA, 68027190AB, 68027190AC, 68027190AD, 68027190AE, 68027190AF, 68027191AA, 68027191AB, 68027191AC, 68027191AD, 68027191AE, 68027191AF, R5150523AA, R5150523AB & RL150523AA

Our 2007 Dodge Caliber ECM is meticulously programmed and updated to match your vehicle’s unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It’s designed to be a hassle-free, plug-and-play solution, eliminating the need for any additional programming. Your vehicle will be up and running smoothly in no time.

Attention! We kindly request your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for programming the unit.

When proceeding with the checkout, please provide the VIN in the designated text field labeled “Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)” situated within the Vehicle Information section.

In case you don’t have your VIN number readily available, don’t worry! You can send it to us later through email at or by phone at (516) 494-7838


Every product undergoes a meticulous renovation process and extensive quality testing by our certified in-house experts. Our team handles all refurbishing and testing internally, guaranteeing that each item meets our stringent standards before leaving our facility. This approach ensures that our customers receive top-notch quality products at an unmatched value! Our testing procedure addresses and resolves all common PCM issues, providing you with a reliable and efficient product.

  • Difficulty Initiating Engine
  • Diagnostic Codes for Vehicle Troubleshooting
  • Occasional Performance Challenges
  • Decreased Engine Power
  • Lack of Ignition Signal
  • Absence of Injector Signal
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency
  • Transmission Shifting Complications


  • Industries Lowest Prices
  • FREE Warranty lifetime warranty
  • FREE Domestic Shipping with Quick Turnaround Time
  • No Core Charge or Core Return Required; you can keep your old unit
  • Guaranteed OEM products; Refurbished and 100% Tested
  • Latest Software Updates Included
  • Plug & Play; No Additional Programming Required
  • ASE Certified In-House Technicians
  • Readily Available Support Agents (email, phone, live chat)
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