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The top supplier of programmed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Control Modules, Engine Computers, ECM, ECU and PCM units.

WELCOME TO Clifford Auto Parts

Clifford Auto Parts, llc stands out as a renowned provider of reconditioned automotive control modules on a global scale. With over years of experience, we have established strong connections with our clients, prioritizing their satisfaction above all. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch quality and support to our customers has enabled us to maintain our position as the leading supplier. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable representatives undergoes extensive training to exceed expectations and ensure client contentment. Witnessing substantial growth each year, we continually strive to establish ourselves as the unrivaled leader in terms of both affordability and quality, revolutionizing the industry one satisfied customer at a time.

Recognizing the importance of our clients’ time and valuing our relationship with them, we prioritize prompt order processing and shipping, regardless of your location. Furthermore, we offer some of the most substantial discounts in the market, making us the preferred choice for motorists and auto mechanics seeking Engine Computers, Powertrain Control Units, and more.




150-21 75TH Ave, Forest Hills, New York 11375



The Marketing Department here at Clifford Auto Parts is responsible for building and monitoring our online presence. We have a team of Advertisers, Designers & Marketers working together to create an exceptional web experience for our customers.


The Programming Department here at Clifford Auto Parts is where all the magic happens. We have a team of Programmers, Engineers, and Licensed Mechanics collaborating seamlessly to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Some of these tasks include extensive testing of our units, repair and refurbishment of our units, and programming services for all our outbound units. Our team also devotes time to researching industry trends, compiling crucial module information, and developing new programming procedures.

In the near future, we aim to provide our customers with custom tuning options. Our programmers have been dedicating their downtime to perfecting methods for adding custom tuning to our programmed units. We anticipate being able to offer tuning services very soon—stay tuned for updates!


The Sales Department here at Clifford Auto Parts is where we process all our customers’ orders. Our sales team consists of 50+ Men and Women working in harmony to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service. Our sales hierarchy is divided into Senior Account Managers and Junior Account Managers. The Senior Account Managers oversee a team of Juniors to ensure that every order we receive is handled with utmost urgency. The daily tasks of our account representatives include receiving and processing incoming orders, answering phone calls, and addressing customer inquiries. Each customer is assigned a dedicated account representative who can answer any questions or concerns throughout the order processing.

Providing comprehensive training is an essential part of our core competency. All our account representatives undergo several months of training before they are directly assigned to a customer’s account. Additionally, we make it a priority to attend multiple sales conferences every year to expand our knowledge and provide our customers with the quality of service they deserve. Some of the conferences we have recently attended include AAPEX in Las Vegas, Sales 3.0 in San Francisco, and the Sales Innovation Expo in London. We plan to continue attending more conferences in the future to ensure our employees receive the training they deserve.


The Shipping Department is where we organize and package all incoming and outgoing packages. Our Shipping Room Supervisor oversees the daily tasks performed by our Mail Clerks. These tasks include receiving and organizing incoming packages, weighing and wrapping outgoing packages, sorting warehouse inventory, and various other activities to ensure timely shipment of our products. We collaborate with USPS and UPS to facilitate the delivery and receipt of daily shipments.

Each department plays an equal role in ensuring our customers receive their parts promptly. Through collaborative efforts, our departments work hand-in-hand to provide the highest quality products and support to our customers.


We specialize in providing programming, flashing, and updating services for OEM control modules and engine computers. Currently, we focus on Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, and Toyota branded units. Our inventory of programmed units continues to expand daily, and we currently offer over 100,000 unique units for purchase.

Furthermore, we offer a secure online shopping experience to provide you with peace of mind. Our website’s inventory, navigation, and search bar are optimized to help you find the part you need with just a few clicks. If your desired part is not listed, please give us a call for live assistance in finding a suitable match for your vehicle! Stay connected with us through this site, our Blog, or our various social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We share exclusive deals, discounts, and insider information on products from the most trusted brands in the industry. If you’re looking for parts that work and last for the lifespan of your vehicle, choose Clifford Auto Parts and experience that extra mile you deserve!


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