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Clifford Auto Parts is pleased to offer free shipping to customers across the United States. Once an order is placed, please allow for a 1-3 day handling time. We utilize USPS Priority shipping to deliver all of our modules, which typically takes an average of 1-3 business days. In most cases, customers receive their modules in less than 5 business days. We understand that certain situations may require expedited shipping, and if it’s possible, we will gladly inform you of the available options.

We are proud to provide international shipping services to a vast majority of countries worldwide

Our products are shipped through USPS and UPS carriers.

To request any changes to your order, please reach out to our dedicated support staff. You can contact us via email at, by phone at (516) 494-7838, or through our convenient online chat.

Once your order has been shipped, we will promptly send you an email containing a tracking number. You can easily track your shipment by visiting either the UPS or USPS website, depending on the shipping method provided.

Promo codes are unique and personalized codes issued on special occasions, allowing you to enjoy exclusive promotions on the services and products offered by Clifford Auto Parts, LLC. To receive a promo code, simply enter your email address in the pop-up form that appears when you first visit our website. The “Promo Code” field is displayed on the initial page of the Shopping Cart. Enter your code and click “Apply” to see your new total reflecting the discount.



At Clifford Auto Parts, if you encounter a faulty computer, you have the option to return it within 30 days of the sale, provided you have obtained a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Please note that returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. In the case of returned programmed items, an additional non-refundable programming fee of $85 applies. If the buyer has purchased keys, a non-refundable key fee of $90 also applies to the return. For returns requesting a refund, they must be received by the seller within 30 days from the original date of purchase. Returns received after the 30-day period offer the option for an exchange or an in-store credit.

Every purchase comes with a Warranty lifetime warranty, and there is no additional charge to activate it. To complete the warranty process, we will send you a document via ‘Eversign’ outlining the terms of the warranty. We kindly request that you electronically sign the document for your convenience.

At Clifford Auto Parts, we do not impose any Core Charges or require Core Returns. Unlike many other control module suppliers who charge users a fee to return their old unit, we believe in providing a hassle-free experience. Please keep this in mind when comparing prices with other websites.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a distinctive code assigned to each automobile, serving as its unique fingerprint. No two vehicles share the same VIN. Comprising 17 characters, the VIN acts as a specific identifier for the vehicle, referencing its unique features, specifications, and manufacturer. This valuable code enables tracking of recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts, and insurance coverage. At Clifford Auto Parts, we utilize the VIN to accurately identify the correct module for a specific vehicle.

The VIN (17-digit identification number) can be found engraved at the bottom corner of the driver’s side windshield or inside the driver’s door. Additionally, it can be located on the vehicle’s title, registration, or insurance card.

While entering your billing information during the checkout process, you will come across a text field labeled “VIN” where you can input the vehicle identification number before making the payment. Alternatively, you can email us at, and we will promptly send you a confirmation email to acknowledge the receipt of the VIN.

The computer unit will have an identification sticker with a ‘service number’ indicated. This service number may appear in abbreviated forms such as ‘serv. no.’ or ‘service no.’, etc., followed by the specific identifying number. In most cases, providing your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) allows us to accurately identify the correct part or service number for your vehicle’s module.

The term ‘Plug & Play’ or ‘Plug ‘N Drive’ refers to control modules that can be installed without requiring additional programming. This typically applies to most units manufactured before 1996 (OBD I). At Clifford Auto Parts, all of our Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, and Jeep units are sold as Plug & Play, ensuring a convenient installation process.

This term refers to the programming procedure carried out by our mechanics on specific control modules. During this process, the replacement engine control module for your vehicle is VIN Programmed and flashed with the latest manufacturer updates. These updates are designed to enhance the vehicle’s performance and fuel economy, providing you with an optimized driving experience.

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