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Condition Refurbished
Year 1995
Make Ford
Model Truck (F-Series)
Engine Size 7.3L
Part Number 12B599
Keys Available No

Introducing our Injection Control Module, also referred to as the Injection Driver Module (IDM), a reliable replacement designed to fit seamlessly into all 1995 Ford Truck F-Series IDM models equipped with a 7.3L engine. This compatible unit accommodates the following part numbers with precision:

2C24-12B599-AA, 2C24-12B599-AB, 2C24-12B599-AC, 2C24-12B599-AD, 2C24-12B599-AE, 2C24-12B599-AF, 2C24-12B599-AG, F5TF-12B599-AA, F5TF-12B599-AB, F5TF-12B599-AC, F5TF-12B599-AD, F5TF-12B599-AE, F5TF-12B599-AF, F5TF-12B599-AG, F6TF-12B599-AA, F6TF-12B599-AB, F6TF-12B599-AC, F6TF-12B599-AD, F6TF-12B599-AE, F6TF-12B599-AF, F6TF-12B599-AG, F7TF-12B599-AA, F7TF-12B599-AB, F7TF-12B599-AC, F7TF-12B599-AD, F7TF-12B599-AE, F7TF-12B599-AF, F7TF-12B599-AG, XC3F-12B599-AA, XC3F-12B599-AB, XC3F-12B599-AC, XC3F-12B599-AD, XC3F-12B599-AE, XC3F-12B599-AF & XC3F-12B599-AG

Our 1995 Ford Truck F-Series IDM unit arrives fully programmed to match your vehicle’s unique VIN, making installation a breeze with no additional programming needed. Each IDM undergoes meticulous physical testing to ensure it meets our high-performance standards. Furthermore, this unit comes pre-flashed with the latest manufacturer updates, enhancing your vehicle’s overall performance.

In Power Stroke 7.3L engines, which rely on high-pressure fuel injection systems, a well-functioning IDM is crucial for managing and sustaining the fuel injection process. When the IDM operates inefficiently, it can disrupt the fuel injection system, potentially causing starting and cranking issues for your vehicle.

Given the sensitivity of diesel engines to their fuel injection systems, the performance of your IDM is paramount. Our refurbished IDM units not only address IDM-related concerns but can also lead to significant enhancements in your engine’s performance. Trust in our IDM replacement to keep your 1995 Ford Truck F-Series running smoothly and efficiently.

Important Note: To successfully program the unit, we require your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

When you’re finalizing your purchase, kindly input the VIN in the designated text field titled “Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),” conveniently situated within the Vehicle Information section.

If your VIN isn’t readily available, no worries at all! You can conveniently forward it to us at a later time via email at¬†or by giving us a call at (516) 494-7838.


Every item undergoes meticulous preparation, individual scrutiny, comprehensive renewal, and quality assurance examination by our certified internal experts. All examinations and renewals are exclusively conducted in-house, guaranteeing that no product departs our premises without thorough validation. This approach empowers us to deliver items of exceptional quality at an unparalleled value. Our testing procedures encompass a thorough assessment to rectify prevalent PCM concerns, encompassing:

  • Electrical Irregularities
  • Start-Up Challenges
  • Detection of Fault/Trouble Codes
  • Intermittent Glitches
  • Power Loss
  • Absence of Ignition Pulse
  • Absence of Injector Pulse
  • Suboptimal Fuel Efficiency
  • Transmission Shifting Anomalies


    • Great Value Across Different Industries
    • No Requirement for Core Charge or Returns; Keep Your Original Unit Hassle-Free
    • Guaranteed Authentic OEM Products; Refurbished and Carefully Examined
    • Incorporates Latest Software Upgrade
    • Simple Setup; No Additional Programming Required
    • Readily Available Customer Support Team (via email, phone, live chat)


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