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Shipping Rates
Shipping DestinationFlat RatesDuration of Shipping
Africa, Central & South America$450.00 USD2-8 Business Days
Asia, Australia & Europe$300.00 USD2-8 Business Days
Canada$105.00 USD2-8 Business Days
Caribbean$225.00 USD2-8 Business Days
Mexico$300.00 USD2-8 Business Days
USAFree Shipping1-6 Business Days
  • Once your order is fully processed for refurbishing/programming, please allow a handling time of 1-3 full business days (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) unless otherwise specified. During this time, our team will prepare your item to ensure its quality and functionality.
  • Upon completion of the refurbishing/programming process, your item will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail by default, unless you choose to purchase an upgraded shipping method. USPS Priority Mail provides reliable and timely delivery for your convenience.
  • For units that finalize refurbishing/programming before 3:00 p.m. EST, they will be shipped on the same day. However, units that complete refurbishing/programming after 3:00 p.m. EST will be shipped on the following business day. This allows us to maintain efficient order processing and ensure prompt delivery of your item.
  • Shipping times within the country may vary, but they generally range between 1-3 shipping days (Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays). We strive to provide timely deliveries to our customers. In the event of any unexpected delays, we will promptly notify you via email, keeping you informed throughout the shipping process.
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