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SKU CD-11254
Condition Refurbished
Year 2014
Make Dodge
Model Charger
Engine Size 3.6L
Transmission Automatic
Emissions ROW, 50 State
Module Type GPEC ? GYBR
Hardware Code 05150787AA, 05150787AB & 05150787AC
Keys Available No

This Engine Computer, also known as an Engine Control Module (ECM), Engine Control Unit (ECU), and Powertrain Control Module (PCM), serves as a reliable replacement for all 2014 Dodge Charger PCM models featuring a 3.6L engine size. This unit is compatible with various part numbers, including:

05150787AA, 05150787AB, 05150787AC, 68214200AA, 68214200AB, 68214200AC, 68214200AD, 68214200AE, 68214200AF, 68214200AG, 68214200AH, 68214202AA, 68214202AB, 68214202AC, 68214202AD, 68214202AE, 68214202AF, 68214202AG, 68214202AH, 68214203AA, 68214203AB, 68214203AC, 68214203AD, 68214203AE, 68214203AF, 68214203AG, 68214203AH, 68214204AA, 68214204AB, 68214204AC, 68214204AD, 68214204AE, 68214204AF, 68214204AG, 68214204AH, 68214206AA, 68214206AB, 68214206AC, 68214206AD, 68214206AE, 68214206AF, 68214206AG, 68214206AH, 68214207AA, 68214207AB, 68214207AC, 68214207AD, 68214207AE, 68214207AF, 68214207AG, 68214207AH, 68214209AA, 68214209AB, 68214209AC, 68214209AD, 68214209AE, 68214209AF, 68214209AG, 68214209AH, 68214210AA, 68214210AB, 68214210AC, 68214210AD, 68214210AE, 68214210AF, 68214210AG, 68214210AH, 68214210AI, 68214211AA, 68214211AB, 68214211AC, 68214211AD, 68214211AE, 68214211AF, 68214211AG, 68214211AH, 68214211AI, 68214212AA, 68214212AB, 68214212AC, 68214212AD, 68214212AE, 68214212AF, 68214212AG, 68214212AH, 68214212AI, 68214213AA, 68214213AB, 68214213AC, 68214213AD, 68214213AE, 68214213AF, 68214213AG, 68214213AH, 68214213AI, 68214214AA, 68214214AB, 68214214AC, 68214214AD, 68214214AE, 68214214AF, 68214214AG, 68214214AH, 68214214AI, 68214215AA, 68214215AB, 68214215AC, 68214215AD, 68214215AE, 68214215AF, 68214215AG, 68214215AH, 68214216AA, 68214216AB, 68214216AC, 68214216AD, 68214216AE, 68214216AF, 68214216AG, 68214216AH, 68214217AA, 68214217AB, 68214217AC, 68214217AD, 68214217AE, 68214217AF, 68214217AG, 68214217AH, 68214218AA, 68214218AB, 68214218AC, 68214218AD, 68214218AE, 68214218AF, 68214218AG, 68214218AH, 68214219AA, 68214219AB, 68214219AC, 68214219AD, 68214219AE, 68214219AF, 68214219AG, 68214219AH, 68214221AA, 68214221AB, 68214221AC, 68214221AD, 68214221AE, 68214221AF, 68214221AG, 68214221AH, 68214293AA, 68214293AB, 68214293AC, 68214293AD, 68214293AE, 68214293AF, 68214293AG & 68214293AH

Our 2014 Dodge Charger ECM is meticulously programmed and updated to match your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The unit is designed to be Plug and Play, eliminating the need for any additional programming. Your replacement ECM will seamlessly integrate into your vehicle’s system.

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